Market Survey



  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Uncover Objections
  • Add context to Analytics

What is Qualaroo?

Growing your business starts by understanding what your customers and potential customers want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. Qualaroo makes it easy to uncover these critical insights with our website survey software. Uncover visitor confusion with your product offerings, understand objections in your purchase funnel, and more. Qualaroo surveys lets you target questions to visitors anywhere on your website, within your product or deep in your conversion funnel. When you understand the intent of your website visitors and customers you can more effectively address the concerns and issues that are preventing them from achieving their goals.



Improved Conversion Rates

When you know what your visitors need you can better tailor their experiences to meet their needs

Uncover Objections

Find the roadblocks that are stopping visitors and hurting your business so you can eliminate them.

Add Context to Analytics

Don’t guess at what your analytics are trying to tell you. Add visitor feedback to get the “why” behind the data.