• Solid Reporting
  • Instant access to your team
  • Keep visitors engaged
  • Powerful Logging
  • Make scheduling easy
  • Instant knowledge
  • Affordable
  • Global reach & Convenience
  • Instant Translations

What is LiveChat

LiveChat helps your business. We let you connect your team to your customers in ways you never thought possible, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.



Instant access to your team

One click puts your customer in touch with your team instantly, without any special software on their computer.

Solid reporting

track metrics about your viewers and your employees. Learn what pages people need help with most often. Reward employees who can answer questions quickly and accurately.

Keep visitors engaged

If a potential customer gets confused, frustrated or has a question they just can't answer, you may have lost them for good. Giving them an easy way to reach you keeps them satisfied and on your site longer.

Powerful logging

All chat sessions are logged securely, allowing your team to review answers and discover where your support needs improvement. You decide what is logged and how long it's kept.

Make scheduling easy

Our system automatically tracks when customer support is needed, assisting you in maintaining exactly the right staff level at all times.

Instant knowledgebase

Want to help customers with self-service support when you aren't available? Our easy to use knowledgebase feature can suggest support resources to give them instant answers, based entirely on the words and phrases used in their request.

We're affordable

How's free sound? Get started with us for no charge, and switch to one of our extremely affordable plans only after you've grown to love what we give.

Cloud based security

We don't require any software installation on your servers or website. Our support system stays up even if your site goes down, giving your customers an easy way to reach you during a crisis.

Global reach, local convenience

Your team can be located anywhere. No expensive call centers or facilities to maintain, you can even assist your viewers in your pajamas. We give you the flexibility to be anywhere.

Instant translations

Does your site attract visitors around the world? With our real-time language translation, you can seamlessly communicate with anyone, anywhere.