• Turn visitors into customers and increase your sales & conversion rates.
  • Receive instant customer feedback & improve support.
  • Customizable look & feel.

What is HelpOnClick?

Live Chat With Your Website Visitors, Today! Convert visitors into clients, Boost conversion rate by 40%.



Easy Installation

To install the live chat on your website/ E-store, all you need to do is to copy a block of HTML code and paste it to your web pages, and get started in 5 minutes!

Monitor Traffic

Real time traffic monitor will show you exactly who is on your website, for how long, which pages they visited, their physical location, browser type and more.

Proactive Chat Invitations

Automatic and manual chat invitations are available with custom messages for the best visitor experience.

Customize Everything

Ability to customize themes, texts, pre-chat fields and much more!

How much does HelpOnclick cost ?