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Unique end-to-end marketing solutions designed to boost sales up to 3 times

  • Increase conversion rate :
    Convert visitors to customers by offering instant discounts
  • Acquire new customers :
    Capture your customers' friends. Promote among the ones who really buy
  • Retain existing customers :
    Make existing customer happier. Reward them for spreading love for your brand

All this, at the lowest acquisition cost across all existing marketing channel, moreover, you pay only after you see real results!

Price Rs 0.00 - Rs 0.00 / month

What is Refiral?

Refiral helps online businesses boost sales. With Refiral, you can run your social viral referral campaign, virally. It is fully-automated and 100% customizable.

Product Features & Offerings

Complete customization Maintain the look and feel of your brand - Refiral is 100% customizable. Customizations include but are not limited to

  • Color, font, content and position of discount buttons visible.
  • Template styles of the campaign pop-ups.
  • Social media message displayed while sharing.
  • Discounts to be offered (fixed money or percentage).
  • Products on which discount would be applicable on.
  • Content and design of the e-mail marketing campaigns

Insightful analytics Refiral provides you with analytics to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses and areas of focus. Refiral’s analytics include but are not limited to.

  • Complete campaign funnel: Number of visitors.
  • Number of clicks on instant button.
  • Number of shares.
  • Number of clicks on those shares.
  • Number of successful sales.
  • Channel optimization analytics: Analysis for each social media channel to optimize current marketing utilization for growth in sales.
  • Customer level analytics: Rankings of top referrers, most influential customer, top sharer of the week, etc.

Quick and Easy Integration Integration process is easy, hassle-free and super quick. Some of the features include.

  • Setup within minutes.
  • Full automation: Automatic reward distribution, referral tracking, email trigger and billing.
  • 2 clicks PowerStores integration.

How much does Refiral cost?

How do I integrate Refiral with my PowerStore?

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