social media plugins



  • Get Started Quickly
  • Create Multiple Popup Forms
  • Reduce Bounce Rates
  • A/ B Test
  • Strategically Target & Personalize
  • Harmess the power of data


Just uno  work with marketers across all industries, including ecommerce, publishing and B2B to provide a world-class conversion rate optimization platform. Our tool empowers marketers to convert more traffic into email leads, reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions.



Get Started Quickly

Simple embed code install
Easy to use design canvas
Pre-built themes for quick launch.

Create Multiple Pop Up Forms

Unlocked and locked forms
Pop up positioning control and effects
Simple floating bars 

Reduce Bounce Rate

Combat cart abandonment
Reduce first time visitor bounce rate
Pre-built themes for quick launch

A/B Test

Test pop up design and content
Create better pop ups with experiments
Test on mobile

Strategically Target & Personalize

Page level, geo and behavioral targeting
Referrer source targeting
Personalization and much more

Harness the Power of Data

Easy to interpret dashboard
Real time ROI data
Integrates with Google Analytics